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Steve-O sued for Killer Karaoke injury Over the past two decades, Steve-O has narrowly escaped death on numerous occasions. Whether it be putting a fish hook through his cheek and becoming human bait for the sharks below or taking a baseball to the nut sack courtesy of the late Ryan Dunn, the 43-year-old has laughed in the face of danger

Steve-O Burned Badly After Insane Stunt With Rocket Fuel Steve-O is reportedly facing a lawsuit from a contestant on his upcoming show Killer Karaoke. The Jackass star is being sued by Susanne Ohman, who claims she suffered serious injuries

Watch: Steve-O Tells Surreal Story About A Dangerous Steve-Os Full Tour Schedule. © Stephen Glover | 2019 | All Rights Reserved

Johnny Knoxville Breaks Down Every Injury of His Career Welcome to the official website of Steve-O star from MTVs Jackass series. Follow his antics as he travels the globe for his comedy tour. Check out the dates!

Steve-O badly injured in new Jackass-style stunt As if Steve-o hadn’t punished himself enough, he parlayed his injury into a nausea-inducing stunt at the end of each comedy special. “Each special thanks [at the end of the comedy special] is a blister poured into a shot glass,” he boasted. “Then at the end of my special thanks, [I say] ‘cheers’ and drink the shot for …

Steve-O Injured Himself In Fire Angels Stunt The 43-year-old star of Jackass, Wildboyz and Dr. Steve-O is lucky to be alive, as he suffered what looks to be first and second degree burns after pulling off a stunt for an upcoming comedy

Videos of steve o injuries 4.6m Followers, 312 Following, 1,593 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Steve-O (@steveo)

Steve-O (@steveo) • Instagram photos and videos steve o injuries Now in 2018 Steve-O has stayed close to his Jackass roots, but he is also a star in his own right. In August 2016 he added a few more injuries to his medical history during a stunt for his

Steve-O Burned Badly After Insane Stunt With Rocket Fuel Steve-O told this cute little story about the stunt: [I] put a tea cup of all this stuff on top of my head and then I just f*****g put a blanket of the s**t on the floor and f*****g laid it. I was making snow angels with rocket engine fuel. Apparently, it’s the "grand finale" of Steve-O

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